07 October 2017

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a broad concept. The meaning of spirituality differs between people to people, religion to religion. Usually describes - It's the way to connect to something bigger than ourselves. Some describes it as the connection to the God or higher power. Some thinks that knowing the purpose of life is spirituality. Some connects it to the spirit. In this post I am not going to define spirituality but try to share some knowledge about it; actually simplify it.

See some spiritual questions below.

What is Spirituality?

I have read 2 articles online about spirituality and now I am going to share the knowledge with you in points. (I attached the 2 articles at the end of the post, so you also can read)
  1. Spirituality is the way to know the meaning and purpose of life and humanity.
  2. Spirituality is the way to experience the connectedness with self, nature and beyond.
  3. It's a way to connect to the divine.
  4. It's a way to know about the infinity or God.
  5. When you are on great body, mind and spirit, something blossoms within you. That is what spirituality. 
  6. Spirituality and religion share some elements but not the same. Spirituality finds the purpose and meaning of life, while religion describes what is true and wrong.
  7. A spiritual person seeks the truth "Is there any God?" He seeks because he don't know if there is one. It does not mean that he is a atheist or theist. So, believing or not believing in God does not affect on spirituality.
  8. Spirituality evolves supernatural realms.
  9. Spirituality is finding the sacred meaning of life. 
  10. Spirituality means - Love, joy, kindness, contentment, peace and purpose.
  11. Spiritual process is knowing the life in new and better dimension. It's a journey from one dimension to another.
  12. People get spiritual experiences in many ways - in illness, mental pressure, having in contact of a spiritual person. It's a mental experience and higher understanding.
Yogi and mystic, Sadhguru says
Spirituality does not mean any particular practice. It is a certain way of being. To get there, there are many things to do. This is like a garden in your house. If the soil, sunlight or stem of a plant is in a certain way, it won’t yield flowers, you have to do something. You have to take care of those things. So if you cultivate your body, mind, emotions and energies to a certain level of maturity, something else blossoms within you – that is what is spirituality. 

What is Spirituality? Watch Sadhguru Below

In my Eyes

In my eyes spirituality is finding the meaning of life; why I came to this world? what is the purpose of life? connecting with inner self and the ultimate source of everything: the God; feel the sacred power of body, mind and soul; be kind to others, be joyful and peaceful.

What do you think? What is spirituality in your eyes? Share with us in the comment.

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