28 July 2017

How to Write Your "About Me" Page

How to Write Your "About Me" Page

Often we feel uncomfortable when we don’t know the author of a blog post or have a poorly written “about me” page. For this reason the writer loses his credibility to us. That’s why today I am going to create our "about" page. I suggest you to create it before a huge number of readers start coming in to your blog.

When we go to purchase a book- often we will see the contents page, read the first one or two pages and see the back cover of the book. In this way we can make an informed decision to purchase or not. The “about me” page can be considered as the same. A well written one can make a difference in how a reader views your blog.

Tons of people check it out much more than you would have thought. A usual post can get buried in the archives, but your about page will possibly be viewed every time a new visitor stops by. A new reader of your blog often wants to know what he can expect, who the author is or what the author’s experiences are. If he is unhappy with the author’s expertise he can choose not to return ever.

A good example of this would be a blogger claiming he will show his readers how to work with Photoshop, but after reading his “about me” page we see that he has no expertise on the subject.

An about page can make a blog popular or down its popularity.

A trustful about page can develop a good relationship between a blogger and a reader. A well written “about me” page can stick a potential reader to a loyal reader. Sometimes readers make a decision to subscribe to the blog after looking the about page. “About me” page play a very vital role in ecommerce sites too. Only keeping that one page up to date you can see a dramatic result in your business. Because many people view this page after deciding what to buy to see if they can trust your business. Unfortunately, sometimes writing an about me page is the hardest thing. It may be hard to write about yourself! Many bloggers feel hesitation what to write in their “about me” page. Let’s see some points to write a better “about me” page. 
  • Describe who you are. When a reader lands on a blog he usually check the about page. Sometimes they enjoy reading about the blog author. They want to know whose voice they are listening. This is where to tell your readers little about you. Show your personality and humor to your readers. Include pictures, videos, achievements etc. that proves who you are and what you are saying. 
  • What your blog is about. Mention it in few words. 
  • Why you are blogging. Tell a short story or how you want to help others. 
  • Tell your readers how you can help them, what they can find now or in the future, how you can solve their problems. 
  • Share your experiences. If you are experienced on your subject or have skills on other fields share it. If you have little or no experience let your readers know that, as well. 
  • Do not exaggerate in your blog’s “about me” page. It’s a way to help your readers to know you and understand the topic of your blog. 
  • Share your photographs. Readers prefer to read a blog from a person not from a faceless blog. 
  • Share other websites or blogs (If you have). It is the best way to show your works and promote your business. 
  • Include your contact information. Readers like the personal connection. This is helpful to build trust between a blogger and a reader. You can include your Facebook, Twitter or other social networking profiles too. Use contact form instead of email address. 
  • Do not share your physical address, full birth date, and family photographs. These stuffs can be used for identity theft. 
  • Place a link on menu or side bar. 
  • Update it periodically. 
  • And finally- K.I.S.S (keep it simple, stupid!) 
Having a well “about me” page will influence your readers to care what you have to say and want more and more. Creating trust between two parties is the key to make a long term relationship. We want to make a good relation with our reader, don't we?

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