28 July 2017

How To Start Blogging

How To Start Blogging
Want to earn some money? Or express yourself to others? In both cases blogging is the best platform online.

Decide Why You Want To Blog

At first you need to decide why you want to start blogging. You can start a blog for earning money as a professional blogger or as hobby, or to share your personal information with others. It is very important to know your purpose of blogging; because of from selecting domain name to designing blog varies with the purpose of blogging. Ask your mind- “Why I want to blog? - For money? - Hobby or for both?

Choose the Exact Topic

You should start blogging with something that you know better. Choosing the exact topic of your blog is very important to stick with it. Do not select a topic on that you are not interested. To continue blogging for a long time it is a must.

Decide To Buy Domain Name or Use Free Domain

If you are a beginner and have no idea about blogging then you should use free domains. It costs nothing. Free domain is the domain that has extra tail with your main domain name (Such as: alijewelblog.blogspot.com). For free domain and hosting blogger is the best platform now. If you want to start blogging professionally then you need to buy a domain name. Domain name costs around 10$. You can buy domain names from Namecheap, GoDaddy and more.

Find Appropriate Domain Name

There are many tools in the web to find an appropriate domain name. Choose your domain name as your niche/topic or close to your topic. For example: If you want to write on birds then your domain name should be ‘birds.com’ or something like that. Your site name should reflect the main theme of your blog. Try your best to select ‘com’ or ‘net’ names as most people are familiar with these types of domain names.

Decide: Where to Host

You can host your blog to free hosting sites. But it is not better at all. Actually there is nothing free in the world. The best option is to host your blog to the top hosting sites. It costs about $3 to $6/month. It varies with different hosting companies. If you are not capable of paying the hosting cost then blogger is the best option. You can host your domain in blogger easily.

Design Your Blog

Design your blog as reader’s friendly. Do not use unnecessary widgets and plugins. Unnecessary plugins slow down site loading time. Most visitors do not like that. Try to use light and eye friendly colors and avoid bright colors.

Choose Blog categories

Do not post everything that comes in your mind. Choose 6-15 categories and do post on them regularly. Choosing blog categories helps your readers to move in your blog easily and quickly. There are tags to clarify your post. Do not change your category name frequently. It hampers your SEO.

Use Privacy Policy or Terms of Service Page

Using Privacy Policy/Terms of Service Page, You are keeping yourself legal and honest with your readership.

Write Unique Content

Start writing content. Start with that you know better. Study on your topics. You can acquire knowledge reading newspapers, journals, blogs, websites etc. Do not copy and paste. Actually content is the king. So try to develop uniqueness in your writing. Write on a regular basis. It is the most important step to stick you readers with your blog.

Place Ads on Proper Place

If you want to earn money blogging then Google AdSense is a better option. You can also earn by affiliate marketing. There are many sites that provide affiliate programs. Such as: Amazon.com. Place these ads and links on proper place. Excessive use of ads annoys the visitors. So think about it.

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