28 July 2017

How To Make The Earth a Better Place

Earth is not as peaceful as it should be. We are living in terror, hunger and moral crisis. Is it our destiny to live in this misery? No, it is not. This situation is created by us, by our negative thoughts and deeds. We can change it with changing our thoughts and deeds. Let's discuss how can we make the earth a better place to live.

Change Your Attitude

To change the world to a better place we need to change ourselves. Change always comes from inner-self. In simple words "Change Your attitude, Change Your Life, Change The World".  And this change should come from us first. We usually think that if the situation comes to my side I will change myself. This kind of attitude is the one of the main reasons for not changing.  Rumi, a famous poet says "Yesterday I was clever-so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise-so I am changing myself." Take the hardest decision, "I will change my life". I will read books, exercise, meditate, work and bring my success in life. I will work hard and try and try, until I become successful.


Study, Think, Imagine and Meditate: The Way to Change Yourself

And to change us we need knowledge. For knowledge we need to study, think, imagine and meditate. Imagination is a very powerful tool to change the reality. Einstein, famous scientist says "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Every inventions in the world first was a imagination in the inventor's mind, then it came to life.

Learn from everything; every aspect of your life. Learning keeps your brain active. In the early days of science, scientists thought that brain cells can not regenerate but now with the advance technology scientists has proven that brain cells can regenerate in the process of learning new things. Learn math, art, science, language, music instruments. And also See, Read, Listen and write.

Meditation can improve your understanding power and relieve you from unnecessary tension, fear, anger and bad habits. Meditation change the course of thinking, behavior and work positively. Over 10 million United States citizens meditate for better health and peace. Time magazine featured on meditation. Give yourself  some self time.

Love Everything

Love Peoples and nature. Talk gently with the love of your heart. Feel others, respect them. Only our love, respect and sacrifice can make the world a better place.

Do Humanitarian Work 

Start doing something for humanity. Donate blood in every 4 months or plant trees. Find some humanitarian work that saves lives, decreases sufferings. At least try to do. If you can't do for any reason, at least pray. The Allah/Lord/God will answer. What you do you will get the best return from him. He loves us and listen to our prayers. He know everything and the help only comes from him. Build organization to do humanitarian works. It is easy if humanitarian works is done in organized way. 

Respect Others

Respecting others makes our life happier. Love and respect creates a positive vibration in human body and mind. Be thankful to people and Allha/Lord/God; in what way you call him. Respect him from your heart.

Ali Jewel

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