28 July 2017

How to Make a Blog Header

How to Make a Blog Header
A header means a lot to a blog. It makes your blog more beautiful, meaningful and clear. It’s like a visiting or business card for your blog. So, in this post we are going to discuss - how you can make a blog header that looks nice and also  a user friendly one. 

Start Planning

Planning is the key to success. So before starting determine the title, tagline, and the graphic(s). Pick the colors you want to use. Think what colors match with your blog background. Don’t be silly. Using too many colors can make your header worse. So choose wisely.

Try to Reflect Your Blog

That header should expose you and what is your blog about. Don’t just follow others. Try your ideas. It’s a creative part. For example – a blog about birds should not have a cow in its header. Rather than birds sitting on a tree is a better choice.

Choose Appropriate Size

Choose a appropriate size. Don’t use too big header. Header is not the key target but content is the king. So keep space for posts.

WIDTH: For a 2 column design you can make 800 or 850 pixels wide header. 900-1000 pixels is ok for a 3 column design. Theses sizes are frequently used. If you want more writing space you can create a bigger one. But don’t make too wide.

HEIGHT: Don’t make a header more than 200 pixels tall. Very tall header can hide your valuable contents and you don’t want it.

Use Your Finest Pictures

If you want to use pictures in your header then use the best pictures. Make a good combination of pictures. One, two or more images can be used. Try to match the colors with your blog background. Use meaningful pictures that convey your blog message.

Use Graphics

If photography is not your favorite you can use graphics in it. It’s also a good choice. Be creative as much as possible as you can. For graphics design- you can buy graphics at istockphoto or make it yourself.

Now Design It

Now design your header. Graphics software like Adobe Photoshop can be used in this case. Online image editing services like Picasa is also a good option. You can use one, two or three types of fonts in header. Try out your designs.

Use Save For Web Option

There is a save for web option in Adobe Illustrator and other softwares. It converts images to a jpeg file that is boosted for websites or blogs.

Now Install

It’s easy. Upload your header to your blogging platform.

People browse many sites daily but they can’t remember all sites’ name and its contents. But some sites always live in their mind. Why? Yes! It’s for creative designs and its precious contents. And in this post we described how to design a creative blog header. But always remember in mind content is  the king. So keep your header simple. Don’t make it very eye catchy.

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