28 July 2017

How to Get Visitors From Forums to Your Blog

How to get visitors from forum
Forum or message board is the best suitable online platform to know, discuss and make new networks on virtual world. Everyone can get unlimited number of visitors easily following some basic rules and tricks.

Join To Related Forums

Every forum is based on a topic or subject. Some forum targets low range topics and some aim to big issues. So it's better to join in a forum that is related to your blog niche/subject. As it's related with your niche it will be easy for you to stick with the forum and you will get more chance to promote your site hence more visitors. Select niche forums that have a big member pool; it'll give you best return in future helping to promote your blog to a big community.

Take Care Of Your Profile

Choose an username that is easy to remember and creative. Add your informations- what you like, what's your hobby etc. Put your website address so that other forum members can visit your site. But don't share your personal email address, as spammers can send malicious contents to you.

Follow Forum Rules

It should be the first step after registering into a forum. Read the rules and conditions and follow them carefully. Forum authority can ban you for breaking any rules and it makes all your efforts worthless.

Use Signature

Almost every forum have signature option that you can get in your account settings. Signature is a place where you can put your favorite quotations or any words that you like and your favorite web links too. You can add your blog links there. It will be visible under your post and comments. It's a good way to get traffic from your forum co-members.

Start Topics And Answer Creatively

Be an active member, visit the forum on a regular basis. Start new topics- reply to the questions creatively. People looks for the creative guys, so be creative. Share your blog or website links if it is related to the topic. Some forum focuses their members with points. You can get more points by starting new topics. But don't be off-topic. You may be get banned for it.

Be Active And Add Value

Before promoting your blog or website add value to your user account. Post daily, Only 10 minutes daily is enough for this. Be positive to the new users. It is natural that they won't know much about forum rules. Be helpful to the new forum members. Your attitude can attract more people. Don't spam here and there. Forum authority can ban you for doing so. People will follow you if you can provide them something useful. Be informative and helping minded.

Solve Other's Problem

What solution people are looking for? Search throughout the related forums and find out the hot topics. Write about it on your blog and share it. You can get huge traffic overnight.

Do you use forums to get traffic to your blog? Share your tricks with us.

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