28 July 2017

What is AutoCAD? How You Can Use It in Your Life

What is AutoCAD Used for
AutoCAD is the most oldest commercial software application used to draft 2 and 3 dimensional models with the help of a computer. CAD stands for "computer aided design". So AutoCAD is a automatic computer aided designing software. AutoCAD basically is a substitute for pen and papers. It mostly used by engineers and architects to draft everything from houses to electrical schematics. Who uses AutoCAD, often referred to as drafters. Probably 70% of drafters use AutoCAD as drafting tool in their workplace. AutoCAD started 1982 in Southern California as 2D drafting tool and has now developed to one of the most premier drafting tool in the world.

1. AutoCAD can be used as an architectural planning tool: AutoCAD provides a easy to use interface to its users that includes many templates that were designed for architectural planning with annotation and marking features. You can design your house to sky scrappers at a very ease. Civil engineers often drafts roadways, sewer systems, building designs, bridges and in other projects. Anyone can build models and design architectural plans that will be replicated in real project. You can draw floor plans in AutoCAD easily. It also have analytical tools that can be used to analyze structural components, stress and load levels on a virtually designed building. 

2. AutoCAD can be used as an engineering drafting tool: AutoCAD can be used for designing mechanical components and mechinary, analyzing electrical and piping systems.

3. AutoCAD can be used as a graphic design tool: AutoCAD is usable simultaneously with Maya, 3D Max and other design tools that makes it  a formidable designing tool. As it supports DWG and DXF files, graphics designers can use AutoCAD to create building structures and architectural plans

4. AutoCAD can be used in 3D printing: With AutoCAD 3D printing, enthusiasts can create custom made 3D models for use in the printing process. AutoCAD supports '.stl' file format which most 3D printers functions with.

5. AutoCAD can be used in fashion industry. Designers can virtually design fashion items with it.

6. AutoCAD can be used as an industrial designing tool: Industrialists can make prototypes and test its functionality before investing money on it. And these prototypes can be presented to investors for seeking for funds.

7. Electronics drafters design new tech gadgets in AutoCAD.

8. Drafters design ships layouts and plans with AutoCAD.

9. Parks, railroads and can be designed with AutoCAD.

10. Jewelry designers can draft with AutoCAD.

11. You can design from your smartphone with AutoCAD - DWG Viewer & Editor : You can try it for 7 days free to use the drafting, drawing and editing tools.

12. With Autodesk 360 you can share your workspace with others and work as a team. You can share your design file from your computer or your online Autodesk workspace.

Simply, AutoCAD is a great drafting, planning, designing and manufacturing tool can be use to design almost everything.

For truth, I have no AutoCAD designing or drafting skills. I wrote this post only from my curiosity that What is AutoCAD? For what people use it?

Do you know more use of it, creative or anything. Just share with us.

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