28 July 2017

8 Tips to Get Blogging Ideas

8 Killer Tips to Get Blogging Ideas
Maybe, you bought a domain name researching some domain idea tips, hosted it on a super speedy server. Also written one or two posts doing a little customization but not getting much traffic. Now thinking what to do, what to write about. You are at the right place!

Who starts blogging at a sudden, usually doesn't think much about what he have to do at next step, loose his hair searching for new ideas . Now a question arises: how to get new blogging ideas? It's a very common question for every blogger before or after starting his journey. If you blog on your favorite niche/subject, that's better, you will get many ideas by yourself, at least 50-100. But after that? You have to post something that a reader is searching for. They will visit your site to get something new. So every blogger should have fresh ideas that usually not available on blog-sphere.

 Idea source-1: Read, Read and Read

To be a professional blogger the thing you have to do everyday is reading. For every authority blogger reading is the most important job. It's easy to get new blogging ideas reading relevant blogs or playing with search engines. You can make new fresh ideas just reading a simple book, magazine, conference paper, biography and even studying other's success story. Now just choose your topic, research market and make your decision to blog.

Idea Source-2: Know What Do Other Bloggers Talk About

If you know what other bloggers are talking about, that will help you much to generate new ideas. I am not saying to copy them in every way. If anyone do that it will be a big mistake. To be a pro blogger you should write contents by yourself.

Idea Source-3: Find Out What People Are Searching for in Different Forums

Forum is such a platform where people ask questions frankly and search for solutions. If you have the solution or the exact answer then you are the king. Make your blog 'talk of the web'. If you can do that, forum is the best effective source to generate fresh ideas and huge traffic. You can explore Yahoo Answer, Wiki Answer and thousands of sites on the web. Just search and get. 

Idea Source-4: Visit Article Directories

Article directories can give you clear blogging ideas on your topic. But don't follow directories directly for blogging because directories are mainly  a marketing system to drive traffic to a site. That's why you get advertisement type of posts instead of  full informative post. Here you can be a unique blogger. Write informative post with the same ideas. And follow article directories to get more than one idea on a topic.

Idea Source-5: Use Google AdWords Tool

By typing any word, phrase or sentence in Google AdWords Tool you can get good ideas on the search term. Basically AdWords tool is designed for the advertisers to know what are people searching for on Google. It's a powerful SEO tool. So you can add good and most searched keywords in your post too.

Idea Source-6: Keep in Touch With Latest News

Current news is the most important source to get fresh blogging ideas and contents. If you can present a hot news nicely in details with a little fun then it is possible to get millions of traffics from search engines everyday . To get latest news you can use 'Google Alerts' . If you blog about a quick changing or hot topic such as- politics or technology you must keep yourself updated with latest news.You will get many of them as regular reader.

Idea Source-7: Ask Question

Ask question- it's very necessary for your blog. Ask your readers- what they want, what they are think about your post, what is going in their mind. You will get some active commentators caring for your blog. You can also do the same at social networking sites. Know their expectations, talk about them, write about them. You will succeed.

Idea Source-8: Check Your Analytics Regularly

Analytics is very effective to know how people're getting your blog. You will know- How much traffic you are getting from search engine and can find the best keywords for your blog. With the targeted keywords you can update your blog and get huge traffic from search engines.

There are many other sources to get good blogging ideas. Have you one? Share it with us. Happy blogging!

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